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No Fault Insurance in New Jersey

Trying to find the right type of insurance to cover you fully can be frustrating. You’ll need to make sure that you and your vehicle are protected at all times just in case the worst occurs.  This can be scary, and it can keep you up all night scratching your head trying to figure which policy to buy and what a good price is for that policy.

No fault insurance in New Jersey can be downright expensive. The state is overpopulated with uninsured drivers, not to mention the underinsured ones. Underinsured means that if a person hits you and it is not your fault you might be paying out of pocket for expensive repairs anyway.

That’s why you need to buy a policy that covers you and the other person. Just think for a few dollars a month more you can relax at night knowing that you’re safe.

  • No Fault – This type of auto insurance allows you to drive without worry. Yes, no one wants to be involved in an accident, but unfortunately they happen and all too often. They occur when you’re not paying attention. What no fault does is takes care of any monetary damage when an accident strikes. It also eliminates the need to go to small claims court over it. What it really does is protects you at all times.
  • Mandatory for NJ Drivers – New Jersey is one of the only states that require their drivers to have personal injury protection on their policies. Don’t worry as the fault blankets the PIP. It is also mandated that drivers have property damage, uninsured motorist and bodily injury. It can get rather expensive with add-ons to your policy, but you need them, especially  new drivers in your family. New drivers are not familiar with the roads in New Jersey and are fairly new to the concept of driving. They are potential hazards on the roadways and can be the cause of most accidents.
  • Property Damage – This is a good thing to have on your policy. You may not think so, but it is because if you have an accident on someone’s property you may end up paying a lot of cash out of pocket to the land owner unless you have property damage. So many times insured motorists do not take this as part of their policy in order to have a low monthly premium. That could end up biting you back. That’s why the state makes it mandatory to have it on there.
  • Uninsured Motorist – This is the best thing that a policy can give you. So many uninsured motorists are on the road today due to high insurance costs. You really don’t have to be the next victim of one as you can opt to have this as part of your policy. Just think of it like this, if someone hits you and they are not covered, you can end up paying for your vehicle.